Move Your Business To The Cloud

“Move your business to the cloud, and you’ll save time and money, improve flexibility. Stay away, and you’re missing out.” “We know ”the cloud” is where it’s at. But if your business takes a wrong turn getting there, it can cost a lot of extra money and pain on the way.” This is a great article by @ozy on the future of your business and the cloud…

Middlemen of Cloud Computing

Bring the iOS7 Lock Screen to Mac OSX as a Screensaver

Christian Heudens brings us a beautiful iOS 7 screensaver for mac OS X based on Andrew Ambrosino’s concept version of OS X inspired by iOS 7!  FREE!  You can get it here!

Tracking Stolen Macs with Undercover 5

Nothing can feel more violating than having your Mac stolen with all your personal data.  Take a look at  Federico Viticci’s, one of our favorite Mac bloggers, review of this great product!

Tracking Stolen Macs with Undercover 5

HACKED “You have a secret that can ruin your life.”

If you ever read anything we share — Read This!  We’ll follow this post with more on security.  Stay tuned!

“This summer, hackers destroyed my entire digital life in the span of an hour. My Apple, Twitter, and Gmail passwords were all robust—seven, 10, and 19 characters, respectively, all alphanumeric, some with symbols thrown in as well—but the three accounts were linked, so once the hackers had conned their way into one, they had them all.” Mat Honan for Wired Magazine

Kill The Password